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Adding Views to the Django Admin

I recently had to write a view that exported data to csv.  The view had to be contained within the Django admin area, on a separate page from the rest of the apps and models.  Here is the approach I took. The Urls There are 2 ways to add urls to the admin: the quick […]


March 13, 2010, Django
New Django Site – The Great British Sleep Survey

I’ve very recently finished a django based site for a company called Sleepio.  The project was to create a survey site, called the Great British Sleep Survey. Once completed, it calculates your sleep score and creates a report tailored to your issues (or lack of). Also working on the site, doing all the xhtml and […]


March 12, 2010, Django Featured
Django Tips – Unique Date Querysets

I swear this particular feature of querysets was made especially for the archive listing of a blog. You know, the month and year listing in the side bar for all your previous posts. This solves that problem exactly. Let’s say you have a BlogPost model, and a post_date field within said model. You want a […]


February 16, 2009, Django
From WordPress to Django – Part 1

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with WordPress. It’s just that I like to play with stuff, so I thought it would be fun to create a blog in Django, copy all my WordPress posts across, and add at least some of the functionality that WordPress has built in. Open Source Throughout this […]


January 14, 2009, Django
How to Call a .Net Webservice using Python

My day job involves working with software that automatically creates webservices on the .Net platform. Up until now I have used C# to create web applications to use these webservices. But it would be nice to have the flexibility to use another programming language to create a solutions, and consume the webservices from there. So, […]


January 1, 2009, Featured Python
From WordPress to Django – Part 2

View Part 1 Beardy Geek Git Hub Repository Welcome back. In part 2 I’ll be getting to the meat of the issue, which is retrieving the data from an existing WordPress blog, and feeding the data into my own models. Models I’ve decided to start the models from scratch, rather than trying to copy the […]


January 1, 2009, Django
Django and Ajax – using Prototype and Scriptaculous

I started adding a sprinkling of Ajax in one of my Django projects, so I thought I’d share a few snippets that might help you add some Ajax goodness into your app. To handle the Ajax callbacks, I’ll be using Prototype, a lightweight Ajax library. And for a couple of effects, like fade-in, I’ll be […]


December 29, 2008, Ajax Django