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Organising your Django code

There are several options when it comes to organising your code in a Django project.  There isn’t a ‘correct’ way, and it will depend on the size of the project, if it is a team development, or purely the preference of the developer. Templates Django gives you the ability to put your templates anywhere, either […]


August 29, 2010, Django Web Development
A new blog for Excel Geeks

My friend and fellow web developer Andrew Walker has just started a new blog all about advanced Excel and VBA techniques, called Excel Geek.  If you want to find out how to do all sorts of stuff you didn’t know Excel could do, this is the place to go. Years ago, Andy took over from […]


August 25, 2010, General
JMeter testing from the command line

I recently did a video post about website stress testing using JMeter.  Moving on from this, I’m going to show you how you can run JMeter tests from the command line, without using the GUI. Why use the command line? The main reason to use the command line is the most obvious: you don’t have […]


August 17, 2010, Testing Web Development
Using Mind Maps to Create Blog Posts

If you’ve ever wanted to find an easier, more structured way to plan your blog posts and articles, using mind maps is a great way to go. Creating blog posts using mind maps (This links to my new blog, which has a less technical, more business oriented slant.)


May 26, 2010, General
New Django Site – Blog Twin

I created Blog Twin after reading a blog post by Viper Chill entitled The Secret to growing your blog twice as fast with half the effort, I decided to create a site that would help people find a blogging partner. Blog Twin is written in Django (naturally!).  You register, add details of your blog, and […]


May 9, 2010, Django Web Development
Google Calls for Link Spam Reports

In Matt Cutts latest blog post, he calls for users to report any sites they deem ‘spammy’. On the report form, this includes anything that is considered: Hidden text or links Misleading or repeated words Page does not match Google’s description Cloaked page Deceptive redirects Doorway pages Duplicate site or pages Matt says that Google […]


March 26, 2010, Google