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Monitoring Django with Munin

My friend and fellow Djangonaut Richard Barran, has written an excellent post about how to monitor a Django site using Munin. He’s written a couple of munin pluggins specifically for Django which he explains in the post. Essentially, Munin is a monitoring tool that lets you look at various performance aspects of your server, and is handy […]


February 17, 2011, Django
Python Decorators for Djangonauts

If you’ve used Django for any amount of time then you’ve probably come across decorators.  They’re the things with the @ signs over the top of your view. The first one you’re likely to see is the @login_required decorator, which requires a user to be logged in before the view will run.  If they are […]


September 24, 2010, Django Python Web Development
Django quick tips – using template filters in your views
Django logo

Django has some very useful template filters, like slugify, which turns a string with spaces into a suitable url slug, and title, which turns any string into title case. Have you ever wanted to use these in your views? All you need to do is add this import: from django.template.defaultfilters import * You can replace […]


September 21, 2010, Django Web Development
The Difference between Identification and Authentication

This is a guest post by Michael Austin, who writes his blog at Identification and authentication are concepts that appear very often when discussing the subject of information security. Each has a different meaning, and both are often confused with one another. Identification and authentication usually both take place at the same time, for […]


September 15, 2010, Software
Geek Links – 6 September 2010

Here’s some interesting links I’ve picked up over the last few days. Interested in AI programming?  Check out the Google AI Challenge. You have to create an intelligent gaming bot for Planet Wars. If you’ve ever seen any of the TED talks, you might like 8 must see TED talks for IT pros from Computer […]


September 6, 2010, Internet
5 Command Line Tools for Shell Dwellers

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll spend a large part of your time working at the command line. I often find it easier to use some things in the shell then as a GUI. Take Subversion for example. While the rest of my team use TortoiseSVN, I’m constantly trying to evangelise the command line […]


September 5, 2010, Internet Software Android app – first broadcast test

I’ve just installed the new Android app on my HTC Hero with Android 2.1 running.  It allows you to broadcast live streaming video from your phone, either over Wifi or 3G. For this first test I used Wifi, so I can’t vouch for the speed or quality of a 3G connection. First Impressions The […]


September 1, 2010, Android Mobile