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6 Passenger or 7 Passenger Vehicles? I’m Quite Content with My 7-Seater

It was a tough choice, for sure. As a previous owner of a 5-seater, both the 6-seater and the 7-seater configurations had their pros and cons. It came down to several things: the aesthetics and the practicality. Get detailed information on

As any car buyer would agree, the gap left behind by 6 passenger vehicles was not the best sight to look at. It just seemed counterintuitive to have that gap in the middle of the car. I ended up buying the 7-seater because of this, as I figured it was better to have the extra seat for when I needed to transport an extra person someday.

Little did I know that “someday” would come soon enough when a couple of relatives came by for a visit. They stayed with us for a few days, and we used the 7 passenger vehicles to drive to a fishing park two hours away. That trip was enlightening to me because, as the driver, back visibility was a huge concern when we were driving. There was a rear camera installed, though, so in the end, my worries were for nothing.

dodge grandcaravan

I had no regrets buying the 7-seater ( Dodge Grand Caravan ), especially after I’ve found out that with some adjustment to the seats, the back visibility problem could be remedied.
I also had the opportunity to be a passenger of a 6-seater on that same trip, as one of my brothers who had gotten the 6 passenger vehicle let me ride his car on the way back from the fishing trip. It’s worth mentioning that the lack of that middle seat gave room for the fishing rods to be stored inside the car without worrying about their length.

I guess if you’re one of those people who have big equipment, this will be a good car choice for you. I still prefer being able to seat an extra person, especially because the 6-seater configuration didn’t have that much improvement in terms of the seat size anyway.

One thing I noticed in the 6-seater is because of the gap, it’s easier to reach the third row. I liked that. I also liked the overall feel of being in a 6-seater, because the gap didn’t serve as a gap at all. It served as an open space. It made everyone feel connected. It also didn’t make the Tesla X feel cloying.
Overall, I’m not regretting the decision to purchase the 7-seater, but I wouldn’t have minded getting the 6-seater, either. In fact, maybe I’ll do that if I get the chance. Let’s see what Tesla releases next. Here’s to hoping for a new model with bigger seats and maybe some armrests!