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It begins.

As I said Playstation 3 is here and it’s pretty good.

Playstation 3

Seeing as how I own Xbox 360 already I’m not really blown away by any of the features or graphics. So far I haven’t seen any real signs that PS3 > 360.

I haven’t tested blueray yet because I don’t have a blueray movie but I tried DVD and for some reason PS3 wouldn’t run it. The screen just artifacts a little and then the screen goes black and it hangs until I restart it. I don’t know what could be causing this. It however doesn’t really matter since I already have plenty of good DVD players around anyways such as my 360.

Folklore looks great and it’s defiantly gonna get more fun as you further into the game. The translation is a little off and for a two main character game where you can choose which path you take, they both follow a very similar path through the game. At least so far, I haven’t gone very far.

I noticed that it wasn’t running at 1080p. Pretty lame of Sony to brag about 1080p support when it isn’t even used in the games themselves. Hopefully there will be some out soon that do run natively at that resolution so I can witness what the PS3 can really do.

The other games are okay, nothing super.

Right now I’m waiting most of all for Metal Gear Solid 4, that is the main reason I’ve ever wanted a PS3, well that and God of War 3 when it gets released. I hope there are plenty of other exclusives still too be revealed that I’ll be interested in. Wouldn’t want the PS3 to get covered in dust due to under use. Because I prefer my 360 or PC for multi platform games.

Enough about PS3 for now.

I’ve been called too work. I was asked to work from 7:30pm to 7:30am ugh.. If I had known sooner I wouldn’t have gone to bed so early last night so it’s gonna be a real struggle keeping awake.

During the next few weeks I’ll probably not be around much and have very limited free time. Working shifts during the day and night tends to do that. If I go on 8 hour shifts I will have time too sleep and if I’m lucky eat between shifts.

Ah well, money money money. Need to save up for Digital Overload and Christmas.