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It’s official, Valve are bastards!

These past couple of days have been fun. First and foremost was the release of Valve’s Orange box.

First off Portal.


Portal happens in the Aperture Enrichment Center where scientific experiments are made. It’s all controlled by a weird witty Artificial Intelligence named GLaDOS he speaks with you throughout the game. The dialog at times is hilarious and if it wasn’t for GLaDOS this game wouldn’t be nearly as fun. You are a scientific specimen that has to solve a set of puzzles located in 19 chambers using the Aperture handheld portal device which will allow you to make portals. You can only make one entrance and one exit portal. It really can try on your wits to figure out how you can best solve a puzzle. At the end you are promised cake. Now I don’t want to spoil so all I will say is that the cake is REALLY hot. The only thing this game lacks is length. It only took me about 2.5 hours or so to get through the main part of the game and there are a couple of challenges extra, in the end you were left wanting just a little bit more.

I really recommend it.

I have already stated what I think of Team Fortress 2. To sum it up. It’s fun and one of the better multiplayer games I’ve played in a long time.

Now, just a few minutes ago I finished Half life 2:Episode two.
As always being Gordon Freeman is a satisfying experience. The graphics are excellent, even after what 3 years since the Source engine was released it can still impress with it’s excellent graphic capabilities and you don’t need a supercomputer to play it on either.
Not many new things really, it was mostly just like playing Hl2 or Episode one. It was a little longer then Episode 1 which is a plus since that game was way too short.

Now to explain why Valve are bastards…They are bastards because they ended Episode two with yet another exciting you’re just left sitting there going “Aww fuck I want to see what happens next!”

At this point, I’m really hoping they were secretly working on Episode 3 and it’s coming before Christmas but that isn’t likely. I hope Episode 3 won’t get pushed back as much as Episode 2 was because now things are really getting interesting.

Now the other thing I’ve been playing is the beta demo they released for Unreal Tournament 3. It’s no secret that I’m a big UT fan. I played UT1 for close to 7 years before I finally got free from it’s addictiveness.

First thing I notice is that it really is a beta. It’s not perfect and is still in need of some polishing and tweaking but what I’ve seen so far is very good. The weapons have been upped in damaged again a whole lot since UT2004 which had an arsenal you would find some 10 year old kid playing with(super soaker, beebee gun). It was that underpowered, but now when you shoot someone in the face with the rocketlauncher they actually feel the impact like it should be. The movement has been changed a whole lot, the game is much faster paced and movement is closer to how it was in UT1. Dodging has been made more important then double jumping. I hated that in UT2004, replacing dodging with jumping all over the place..It’s both slower and I for one don’t like bunny rabbits.
The new User Interface is bad. It’s clearly designed more with game controller in mind then a mouse. It is also very limited in options unlike all other UT games before it. I’m hoping it’s only because this is the beta and it won’t become a norm. I never understood why they dropped the old Umenu from Unreal Tournament. It was by far the best interface ever seen in a Unreal game and now they just keep getting worse..

Ah well.