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Oh happy day.

I just received my newly ordered Playstation 3.


I’m so psyched right now. It looks awesome but it’s true what they say, it’s heavy. Clearly not as good for moving around as the 360.

Haven’t tried any games yet still waiting on it too fully update but I did get Motorstorm and Resistance with it. I also ordered Warhawk and Folklore to get my PS3 collection going. I have it running at 1080p so I will get a chance to see how it looks at full HD(I can only do 1080i on 360)

Another nice surprise this morning was that I received the DVD collections I ordered from Amazon. The Superman collection(excluding Superman Returns unfortunately), Starwars Trilogy(Original of course, others sucked in comparison) and Back to the future collection. These are some of my favorite movies of all time so I’ll be spending my time watching it all again.

I’ll write more about Playstation 3 later tonight or tomorrow.