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Beardy Geek – Web Development Blog Android app – first broadcast test

I’ve just installed the new Android app on my HTC Hero with Android 2.1 running.  It allows you to broadcast live streaming video from your phone, either over Wifi or 3G.

For this first test I used Wifi, so I can’t vouch for the speed or quality of a 3G connection.

First Impressions

The interface is pretty slick and easy to use.  It gives 3 buttons on the right hand side.  The top one is Chat, the bottom is Share, and the middle one is a big red button to start your broadcast.

Pressing the menu button brings up the account settings where you can either login to an existing account, or create a new one from within the app.


The first few broadcasts I did, I found that it cut off the last 10 seconds of the recording.  I’m assuming this is to do with the lag, and that when you press the stop button on the app, it also stops sending data.  Which means if there is a 10 second lag, it will not send the last 10 seconds of your feed.

The audio was about half a second out of sync with the video, and the video quality was OK.  But overall it was a good experience, and considering I’m broadcasting very quickly from a mobile device, it’s still quite impressive.

The Video

This is what I recorded in the end.