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5 Command Line Tools for Shell Dwellers

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll spend a large part of your time working at the command line. I often find it easier to use some things in the shell then as a GUI. Take Subversion for example. While the rest of my team use TortoiseSVN, I’m constantly trying to evangelise the command line version, as I think it makes more sense.

Perhaps that’s just me….or maybe you too.

Tools you can Use

Anyway, here’s some nice command line tools that do useful things.  Enjoy.

1. Todo List

Todo.txt is a command line to do list tool.  It runs on MacOSX, Linux and Cygwin for Windows.  You can quickly and easily add items to the list, assign each task to a project, tag a task, prioritise and de-prioritise.  Prioritised tasks are color coded.  You can also search for keywords, projects or tags.

There’s a screencast you can check out on their site.

2. Twitter

Twyt is a python api interface for Twitter, but it also comes with a command line tool, so you can post tweets, follow people and all the rest straight from the command line.  You’ll need python installed to run it, but you can get python for all platforms so it’s not a problem.

3. Image Magick

Image Magick is a tool for converting and editing images.  It does a huge array of stuff, including format conversion, resizing and special effects.  It’s available in Mac, Linux and Windows.

4. Facebook

FBCMD is a command line interface for Facebook.  It has a large list of commands, and you can do pretty much what ever you can do on Facebook in the CLI.

5. Google

Google CL is the daddy of the command line tools, allowing you access to Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa and YouTube.  Upload all your photos to Picasa at once, post videos to YouTube in one line, export your contacts, it can do it all.  This is another tool you’ll need to install python for.

Given the amount of data we give over to Google, this one has to be the most useful.

Hope you found some of these useful.  At least if we go back to the dark ages and lose our GUI interfaces, we’ll still be able post inane babble to twitter…