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6 Passenger or 7 Passenger Vehicles? I’m Quite Content with My 7-Seater
dodge grandcaravan

It was a tough choice, for sure. As a previous owner of a 5-seater, both the 6-seater and the 7-seater configurations had their pros and cons. It came down to several things: the aesthetics and the practicality. Get detailed information on As any car buyer would agree, the gap left behind by 6 passenger […]


April 23, 2017, Cars
Review: “Tomb Raider”
tomb raider

TRIGGER WARNING: This review discusses depictions of sexual assault. WARNING: This review contains minor spoilers for Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider is a “reimagining” of one of gaming’s most hallowed franchises. It may be useful here to reflect on the profound ways that the preceding TR games have impacted our lives. Imagine a world […]


September 28, 2016, Game Review
Review: “Assassin’s Creed III”
Assassin’s Creed III

WARNING: This review contains minor spoilers for Assassin’s Creed III and completely spoils all preceding titles. It only covers the single-player game. Assassin’s Creed, with its five–don’t let the “III” fool you–marquee titles being merely the vertebrae of a mobile game/comic book/novelization franchise empire that makes Mass Effect look compact, spins perhaps the most elaborate […]


September 28, 2016, Game Review
It begins.
Playstation 3

As I said Playstation 3 is here and it’s pretty good. Seeing as how I own Xbox 360 already I’m not really blown away by any of the features or graphics. So far I haven’t seen any real signs that PS3 > 360. I haven’t tested blueray yet because I don’t have a blueray movie […]


October 29, 2014, My Thoughts
It’s official, Valve are bastards!

These past couple of days have been fun. First and foremost was the release of Valve’s Orange box. First off Portal. Portal happens in the Aperture Enrichment Center where scientific experiments are made. It’s all controlled by a weird witty Artificial Intelligence named GLaDOS he speaks with you throughout the game. The dialog at times […]


January 29, 2014, My Thoughts
Gamer Blog Log: Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes

The reason for my sudden absence despite having set out to start updating on this website again was a severe case of depression which pretty much crippled me from doing anything productive. I could barely keep up on top of work much less anything else. I’ve started taking some happy pills and I’m feeling pretty good and […]


October 29, 2013, Game
Oh happy day.

I just received my newly ordered Playstation 3. I’m so psyched right now. It looks awesome but it’s true what they say, it’s heavy. Clearly not as good for moving around as the 360. Haven’t tried any games yet still waiting on it too fully update but I did get Motorstorm and Resistance with it. […]


March 2, 2012, Game My Thoughts